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Walk with Jesus

@We The Kingdom’s song, “God So Loved” captures the gospel in a simple, yet profound way. The song is based off of, John 3:16. This song speaks of the love of God for humanity and reminds us that we are deeply loved by God. “We pray that you are encouraged as you listen and that you know that you are so deeply loved by God” says the band.  

“For this is how God loved the world; He gave his one and only son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NLT)

I will never forget encountering an 87–year–old woman who was actively dying in the Neurology Department. I was a chaplain at the time, and I received a referral to see a patient.  

She had attended church most of her life. You can pretty much say she was born and raised in the church. As I approached her, tears began to flow. She requested prayer for peace. I prayed, and after my prayer was over, she said something that stuck with me to this day: 

“I still struggle to believe that God really loves me.”  

Here was a woman who attended church most of her life and struggled to believe that God really loved her. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Church attendance and reading about the love of God is not enough. We need to make walking with Jesus a priority. When we do that, God’s love for us doesn’t just become head knowledge. 

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To be honest, I’ve often struggled to believe that God’s love for me is deep. I tend to want to earn his love. After all, if I do stuff for God, he’ll like me more right? Not quite.  

We live in a culture that teaches us to do good and if we do good, we will get good. That performance-based philosophy leaks into our faith. What’s the result? We feel like we never do enough for God!  

Newsflash: We will never do enough to earn God’s love. In fact, if you are ever curious about how much He loves you, read John 15:9 

“I have loved you even as the Father has loved me.”  

Pause and think about that for a moment. How did the father love Jesus? With perfect love! That is how much God loves us. He loves us with a perfect love. Listen to the lyrics in We The Kingdom’s song, “God so loved the world that he gave us his one and only son.”  

The message is so simple but easy to miss. God loves you deeply. He loves you with a perfect love. 

“Bring all your failures, bring all your addictions, come lay them down at the foot of the cross.”  

If you are struggling to believe God loves you deeply, the call today is for us to come to Him with our addictions and our failures. When we do, God simply says, “I’ll take it.” That burden you have; He will take it. The doubts and fears you have; He will take them. Simply come to Him. 

God loves you deeply.  

Digging Deeper 

  1. Meditate on John 15:9: “I have loved you even as the Father has loved me.” 
  2. Spend time in prayer over what’s standing between you and experiencing God’s unconditional love. Ask him to help you work through that and to fill you with more of his love and presence.
  3. Make a list of Scriptures that speak about the truth of God’s love. Keep them handy. Spend time at the beginning and end of each day meditating on God’s love and asking for him to fill you with more of His presence.

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