Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 by K-LOVE Staff

As he shares the inspiration behind their new song "God Only Knows," Joel Smallbone, lead singer - for KING & COUNTRY, points out how we can get caught up in making assumptions about people based on the briefest of interactions...

"There seems to be a lot of: 'You said this. You did this. How dare you.' The song is really a question mark of, well, first of all, do we really understand each other, fully? Our histories. Our family heritages. The struggles. The things that have been done to us that no one knows about. The shame that we carry. Some of it we've done to ourselves, as self-sabotage, some of it other people have done to us. You're just seeing a brief moment in time of that person - when, you know, he showed up at the airport at 5 am and cut you in line and really upset you,

Truth is, God is the only one who knows the journey each of us is on!

"There are some things that, man, God does only know. We've got our shame, we've got our troubles, we've got our prejudice, we've got our judgments. God knows your heart and in turn, the flip of that is, God also carries this love that is sort of the superman of all love."


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