Makawao Forest Reserve on Maui where Amanda Eller was found alive and well

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Yoga Teacher Missing For 16 Days In Hawaii Forest Found Alive

Amanda Eller was spotted by a search helicopter and is in good condition after wandering Makawao Forest Reserve on Maui for over two weeks.

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Smoke Test




Kids in a New Groove


Wildfire Test


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Mike Teel, owner of Raley's grocery chain




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Kids in a New Groove


Free Music Lessons Give Foster Kids New Groove (+podcast)


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Forty Historic 13-Star Flags to be Displayed Together for the First Time Beginning Flag Day, June 14 – July 14 | Museum of the American Revolution

This Flag Day, 40 rare, historic 13-star flags will go on display at the Museum of the American Revolution, marking the first time that this collection has been displayed together. Most of the flags have never been exhibited before. The exhibit, “A New Constellation: A Collection of Historic 13-Star Flags,” will be on view from Flag Day, Friday, June 14 through Sunday, July 14, 2019.

3 people in front of house


Homeowners find uninvited guests at their Virginia Beach rentals during Something in the Water

What would you do if you found strangers in your house on a party weekend?

mlb pitcher throwing ball


Appearing for 14th team, Jackson sets record

SAN FRANCISCO -- Edwin Jackson set a Major League record with his very first pitch of Wednesday's Blue Jays game against the Giants. Toronto became the 14th team for which Jackson, 35, has performed in his Major League career since 2003. That broke the record that he shared with right-hander

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Beware: This New Robocall Scam Could Cost You Big Time

It seems that robocallers have have begun to evolve a bit, as media coverage brings increased scrutiny and potential regulatory action in response to their practices. Now that consumers are starting to get wise to the barrage of robocalls and the myriad spam calls that flood their phones on the daily