Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy won't 'dwell in pity' over not getting head-coaching job

Tuesday, February 2 2021

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Eric Bieniemy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Eric Bieniemy is spending this particular week for the second straight year not only preparing the Kansas City Chiefs to play in the Super Bowl but also trying to explain why he doesn't have an NFL head-coaching job.

Bieniemy said Tuesday that even though he interviewed for six openings this year and multiple openings last year, the right job hasn't come along yet.

"It's always about getting the right job," the Chiefs' offensive coordinator said. "Sometimes the job and the person have to connect. There has to be a connection. The only thing I can do is be my most authentic self. That's who I am. I can only be me. Some team has to want me. For some reason, that chemistry has not been a fit. There has not been that opportunity to connect, but that's OK. At the end of the day, I have the opportunity to go out here and work with the Kansas City Chiefs, which is a great organization ...

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